Dr Gaier is someone who is frequently referred to by others on matters relating to complementary and alternative medical and diagnostic techniques. For six years he served on the Research Committee of the Prince of Wales’ Foundation for Integrated Health as a naturopathic physician. Most recently he has held the appointment of Director of Medical Research at two major Clinics in London (The Hale Clinic and The Diagnostic Clinic).
His published work includes the Encyclopędic Dictionary of Homœopathy and peer-reviewed papers on gut-related medical research as well as medical economics.

He believes that there are non-orthodox medical treatments for virtually any disorder, which have been shown as successful in hard-science backed, published investigations. He has published reviews regularly on such investigations for the past fourteen years and continue to do so in some of today's leading publications.

He does not dismiss out of hand any traditional therapeutic approach that can, perhaps, not yet be fully explained in terms that accord with Western science.

Dr Gaier is fully registered in the UK in all the major alternative medical disciplines:

* Osteopath
* Homoeopath
* Acupuncturist
* Naturopath
* Medical Herbalist

He is not registered with the General Medical Council.

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